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BroadBand Light skin treatment at L&P Aesthetics BroadBand Light skin treatment at L&P Aesthetics

Everything You Need To Know About BroadBand Light Skin Treatments (BBL)

BroadBand Light (BBL) skin treatments are really popular in the San Francisco Bay Area right now, and for good reason: they erase reds and browns in your skin and leave you with a more luminous complexion. Here at L&P Aesthetics, we have seen incredible results from previously hyperpigmented patients, but you should know that BBL …

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L&P Aesthetics L&P Aesthetics

CoolSculpting® For The Body

L&P Aesthetics is often called "For The Face" because of the excellent facial surgeries and nonsurgical results for the face, our providers deliver. However, the nonsurgical results you've come to expect for the face, you can now expect for the body. CoolSculpting ® At L&P Aesthetics Beginning May 17, 2019, L&P Aesthetics will offer CoolSculpting®, the most elite …

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