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Drs. L&P Go DEEP – The Truth About Facelifts

There's plenty of basic information online about facelifts, but many of the "nitty gritty" details are rarely explained. Some people don't want to know specifics, and that's OK, provided they're in the hands of a skilled and ethical surgeon. But if you're a "high-information" person who leaves no stone unturned in their major decision-making, you've …

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All About That Neck – The L&P Signature Neckline

Some people seeking treatment of a soft jawline or a disproportionately bulky neck can be treated with liposuction of the neck, a chin implant, or a midline neck lift. However, most people who are troubled by the appearance of their neck are of the age that they also have jowling along the jaw, and significant …

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