On March 17, 2020 Alma at Addison Surgery Center responded to our state and local health authority’s directive to temporarily postpone elective surgeries to devote as many resources as possible to treating pandemic infection cases. We are proud of our role and response in this emergency directive. We are proud of our patient’s response and support during this time. 

Now, in the decision to proceed with elective surgery under the directive of our state and County health department, we will continue to look at community prevalence, PPE supplies, individuals risk factors and patient desire to proceed. This is a shared decision-making process. 

The following is our health and safety commitment to you, our staff and surgeons We in turn ask for your commitment 

Our Commitments & Yours

Your surgeon will consider your risk factors for COVID-19 when scheduling surgery. Pre-Operative testing is common. In addition to any preoperative tests your surgeon has ordered, you will also be required to obtain COVID-19 testing 3 days prior to surgery.

You will be asked to self-quarantine as much as possible starting 3 days prior to surgery. You will be asked to check your temperature at home twice daily starting 3 days prior to surgery. You will be expected to report any temperature over 100 degrees or any signs or symptoms of illness as well as any possible exposure to someone with COVID-19 or suspected COVID-19 Approximately 24-hours prior to your surgery you will receive a phone call from AAASC staff. You will be asked a series of questions specific for COVID-19 screening.

Upon arrival to our center you will be asked to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. You are encouraged to wear your own mask, such as a cloth mask to minimize the use of disposable surgical masks which remain in short supply. You will be provided with a surgical mask if needed You will be required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival You will be required to maintain social distancing in the waiting room and our staff will check you into our Pre-Op room as quickly as possible. Please ask friends or family members to wait in the car or at home.

During your admission process you will again be asked a series of questions to screen for COVID-19 and your temperature will be checked. Your ride home will be contacted by phone when you are out of surgery and in recovery. They will also be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions prior to admittance to the facility. They will be required to follow the same facility entry precautions and asked to wear a mask, hand sanitizer and social distance. 

Extraordinary Precautions To Protect Our Patients, Staff & Surgeons

AAASC staff have received special training on COVID-19 We follow CDC, CMS, federal, state and local health authority recommendations and guidelines In addition to our already high standard of environmental cleaning and disinfection, all high touch areas within the facility will be disinfected with EPA approved hospital grade disinfectants at regular intervals. 

We have added a new HEPA/UV filter system which increases air circulation above and beyond the required levels and kills viruses and other organisms with UV light. Staff and surgeons will be adhering to the strictest guidelines and recommendations for wearing personal protective equipment. This includes respirators while in the operating room. All staff are required to present a negative Covid-19 test prior to returning to work after the shelter in place order moves to Phase I All staff will be required to self-screen for symptoms including temperature checks daily prior to arriving to work. 

Thank you for taking the time to review and understand these commitments to health and safety for all during this time. 

Please contact your surgeon or our surgery center if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing Alma at Addison Surgery Center. 


Alma at Addison Surgery Center 

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

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