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Close-up of a handsome L&P Aesthetics patient. Close-up of a handsome L&P Aesthetics patient.

Hair Plugs Or A Hair Transplant: Which Is Better?

Hair plugs are a form of hair transplant, but over the years, hair plugs have been almost entirely replaced by newer procedures - FUE and FUT hair transplants, also referred to as FUT or FUE hair restoration. What Are Hair Plugs? Hair plugs refer to the hair transplant procedure done in the 1950s where surgeons …

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L&P Aesthetics L&P Aesthetics

Technology and Hair Transplants: San Francisco is Cutting Edge

Patients losing their hair may not feel fortunate as they check out a receding hairline or increasing bald spot in the mirror, but they should know that they’re lucky enough to live in best time for a hair transplant. At this point, technology has progressed to allow for hair restoration that doesn’t just get the …

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