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Know Your Neuromodulators – BOTOX, Dysport & XEOMIN

The three main toxins you'll most likely encounter when looking to get rid of facial wrinkles are BOTOX®, Dysport® and XEOMIN® . As we often explain to our Bay Area patients, all 3 of the neuromodulators work the same way by temporarily blocking the nerves of facial muscles that create wrinkles. Are All Neuromodulators the …

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Botox v Dysport - Lieberman & Parikh Botox v Dysport - Lieberman & Parikh

Botox or Dysport – What You Need To Know

Model Botox or Dysport? BOTOX Cosmetic has been around the longest, but it's not the only neuromodulator you have to choose from. Dysport, made by the parent company Galderma, doesn’t have the same name-recognition, but it's almost chemically identical to BOTOX. SIMILARITIES - BOTOX and DYSPORT Both are neuromodulators that contain the same active ingredient, botulinum type …

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