COVID-19 Testing: L&P Aesthetics & AAASC

If you are an upcoming surgical patient of L&P Aesthetics and AAASC, you may opt to have your COVID-19 test at our facility. Here is what you can expect to happen.

Prior to your scheduled appointment 

• Read and understand the CDC information provided about testing and what do do if you show symptoms of illness.

• Read the Consent form required for testing 

• If you have any questions about testing, please contact our office prior to your appointment for testing. 

• Sign your consent for testing prior to your arrival day of your scheduled test. 

• Check temperature and signs and symptoms for COVID-19 prior to arriving. 

Notify the office immediately 650 327-3232 if you have any of the following: Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath Repeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell Recent contact with someone positive or suspected positive for Covid-19 

• Bring you signed consent form with you.

• Arrive at your scheduled appointment time. 

• Temporarily park in our parking lot or on the street. 

• Call our office 650-327-3232 when you arrive. 

• You will receive instructions to pull in our driveway (when facing our entry, the driveway is to the right).

• When instructed to do so, pull into driveway.

• Keep your window rolled up until instructed otherwise.

• A nurse will greet you, follow visual instructions. 

• If you have questions, please clarify prior to your appointment or if not urgent, contact the office or your ordering physician after the appointment.

The Test Procedure

• A qualified and trained medical professional will insert a Q-tip like swab into one of your nostrils. 

• The test is quick, lasting a few seconds 

• It is normal to feel some discomfort during the test and immediately afterwards for a few minutes.

After The Test 

• Once swabbed you will be asked to roll up your window and may leave. 

• Your test will be properly labeled and sent to a local FDA approved lab such as BioReference, Lab Corp, Quest diagnostics or other qualified testing lab. 

• Test results may take 3-5 days.

• You will be contacted by your ordering physician with your results.

If you have any questions about COVID-19 testing at L&P Aesthetics, please contact our office. Thank you!

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