Facial Fillers SPECIAL: Buy 2 Syringes, Get 1 FREE!

  • Look like you want to look…with features that are well-defined, harmonious, and elegant
    • Restore volume to creases and hollows
    • Augment features like cheekbones, jawbone, and lips

A small amount of facial filler can make a difference, but for a dramatic change
– without surgery – Dr. Curti can use 3+ syringes to positively transform you!

Facial Fillers, Before & After

Facial Fillers for Anti-Aging – “Liquid Facelift”
Undereye Filler
Facial Fillers for Shape and Structure
Lip Filler

What Could 3 Syringes of Facial Filler Do For You?

  • Pay for higher cheekbones, and get your lips plumped free.
  • Sharpen your jawline, and get a stronger chin free.
  • Get pouty lips, Dr. Curti will fill your nasolabial folds free.

The number of syringes used and the results that 3 syringes will make possible for you is fully dependent on your individual anatomy. Contact Us or CALL to schedule a consultation with Dr. Curti to see what’s best for you!

Facial Fillers with Dr. Steven Curti

  • No one knows facial anatomy and aesthetic artistry better than a facial plastic surgeon
  • Dr. Curti can help you love how you look in just minutes, using the most advanced injectable filler products and techniques

Contact Us or CALL for an appointment with Dr. Curti in our Los Gatos office.

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