Through February 2023: Get Your BOTOX…and Get a FREE Lip Flip with Olivia in Los Gatos!

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If you’d like plumper-looking lips but aren’t quite ready for filler, there’s an easy, “entry-level” injectable treatment that’s worth a try….a BOTOX “Lip Flip.”

A Lip Flip involves just a couple tiny pokes, during which a few units of BOTOX are put above the upper lip. The muscles relax, so more of the colored lip tissue turns upward and outward.

Lips look fuller and more youthful, without filler!

A Lip Flip used to be an “Injector’s Secret.” But now, many of our BOTOX clients get it done at every visit. It’s fast and easy, and looks so natural…but the difference is noticeable and flattering to just about every face.

Patients love it…and this is a great time to try it.

During February you can get a FREE LIP FLIP with every BOTOX treatment with our incredible nurse injector Olivia in Los Gatos. (You might want to get in before Valentine’s Day?) Call the Los Gatos office to book your appointment.

This “Free Lip Flip” offer can only be redeemed in February 2023 in Los Gatos with Olivia Palmer. Free treatment is not transferrable, not redeemable for cash or credit on other services, and not eligible for refund.

For more information on whether a Lip Flip will give your smile the boost you’re looking for, this article is a great resource!

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