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LOOP: L&P Aesthetics Loyalty Membership Program

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LOOP is L&P Aesthetics member loyalty program. Instead of waiting for specials, LOOP loyalty program members receive exclusive discounts on treatments and products whenever they come into our office, as well as additional member benefits. There are three different LOOP membership tiers:

LOOP LUXE, LOOP Premier and LOOP Advantage

When you purchase services or products using your LOOP loyalty program card, these costs will be deducted from your membership fee until your balance is zero.

Loop FAQ

  1. What is my membership fee used for? The cost of every treatment and product you get with us will be deducted from your membership fee. You will not pay for treatments or products until your LOOP balance is zero.

2. If I don’t spend my minimum membership fee in one year, do I get my money back? No, but your money will roll over into the next year. You will not receive the discounts after one year from your member start date.

3. Can I change memberships within a 12-month period? We can upgrade you but not downgrade. If you upgrade, you will pay the difference in membership fees. The higher benefits won’t be retroactive.

4. When does my membership start and end? It starts the day you pay your membership fee (or get your surgery) – 364 days later.

5. Can I give, share or transfer my benefits to others? No, your membership benefits are nontransferable.

6. What if I move or need to cancel my plan? If you move or have another reason why you can’t see us in Palo Alto, we will work with you on an individual basis to cancel your plan and refund your money, minus the discounts you have used.

7. What happens to my membership if I get pregnant or have a medical condition? You can stay a member and take advantage of services that do not interfere with your pregnancy or medical condition. If you don’t use your entire membership fee, your money will roll over into the next year. But after the 12-months, you will no longer receive discounts.

8. Do I have to pay the membership fee up front? Yes, we do not accept payment plans at this time.

9. What happens if I exceed my membership fee in one year? Great! You will continue to receive your member benefits, but you will pay for treatment / product at the time of service.

10.Can I add ALLE points to my savings? Absolutely!

11. Can I take advantage of office promotions? We won’t be doing as many, but if we do, you can take advantage of the better benefit but not both.

12. What is the return policy on product? If the product has been opened, you cannot return it unless you have an allergic reaction or a verified medical condition with a medical note from your MD.

13. Can I buy product and bank it? You can bank your 100 units of Botox for 1 yr. but you cannot bank filler.

14. Can I trade what I get a discount on for other services? No

15. Do I get a discount on surgical procedure (in-office or OR)? No, LOOP does not apply to any surgery.

16. Do the benefits count with nonsurgical procedures performed by the MDs? Yes

17. Do my member discounts apply on a single BBL? No, you only get the discount with a package of 4.

18. What if I don’t need 100 units of Botox? You may not think you need 100 units but in fact, you probably do! Almost everyone needs at least 100 units in a calendar year to maintain a wrinkle-free look.

19. For Advantage: If I book a surgery of 10K with the doctors, am I automatically entered into Loop Advantage? Yes, you will receive the member benefits of  Advantage (not the $2750 credit) for one year from your surgery date. If your surgery is less than 10K, you will need to pay the membership fee to enter. 

20. For Advantage & Premier: Do I receive a discount on medical-grade facials?  You also receive 10% off single treatments of Diamond Glow Facials and our medical grade skincare.

21. For Advantage & Premier: What is the Beauty Planning Session? You receive a 30-min (Premier) or 1-hr (LUXE) consult with either MD. You can ask questions and you’ll receive the advice you need to look your best. 

22. For LUXE: What is the complimentary quarterly shipment of skin care product? During your Beauty Planning Session, you’ll receive a customized, at-home, skin care regimen. To save you time and hassle, we’ll ship them to you at no charge. The cost of the product (minus 10%) will be deducted from your membership fee.

23. For LUXE : What does priority booking mean? When booking a treatment as a LUXE member, you will be accommodated to the best of our abilities. If we cannot accommodate your schedule, you will be placed on the top of the waiting list.

For more information on the LOOP loyalty program at L&P Aesthetics, please give us a call at 650.327.3232 or send us a quick email.

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