Racism Is A Serious Healthcare Crisis

Drawing of 5 women with different skin colors leaning their heads toward one another.

Racism is a not just a social justice issue but a serious healthcare crisis. As members of the medical community, we feel it is important that our community knows, we at L&P Aesthetics do not tolerate racism or discrimination of any kind. With protests across the country calling for systemic change and justice for the killings of George FloydAhmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, we also stand with the Black community fighting against racial injustices and calling for systemic change.
But we also know that we can do more.

EDUCATE: Staff Reading Requirement

Anti-racist activists say that to truly be anti-racist, we need to educate ourselves on the ways racism has permeated every aspect of our culture.
This month, our staff is being asked to read a book on race and report back on the ways L&P Aesthetics can be more inclusive, more supportive and more aware of subtle racism in our society.

DONATE: Summer Skincare Sales To Black Lives Matter

We are also in a position to donate money to organizations working day in and day out to fight racial discrimination. This summer, L&P Aesthetics will donate a portion of our skincare sales to Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and Campaign Zero.

ACTIVATE: Sign Petitions, Vote & Support Black Owned Businesses

To ensure this is not just another flash in the news-cycle, it is important that we all sign petitionsdemanding our leaders to do more to fight racial inequalities and no matter what end of the political spectrum we are, that we register to vote in upcoming elections. And finally, let’s do more to support Black-owned businesses.
Here is a listof Black-owned Bay Area restaurants and catering companies to check-out.

If anything good has come of the past few weeks, it is a wake-up call for all of us to do more to fight racial injustices. As always, we are committed to offering all of our patients the best possible care and creating lasting change for everyone in community.

In Solidarity,
David Lieberman, MD & Sachin Parikh, MD

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