Ask Colleen – Ultherapy – 40 To 30 Treatment Plan

Colleen before ultherapy treatment

Esthetician Colleen Shimamoto before starting her “40-30 Treatment Plan.”

Hi Everyone,

In my quest to go from 40 to 30, I knew my very first treatment would be Ultherapy because as you can tell from this photo, I’ve been getting pretty “jowly” in my jaw line, saggy in my tear trough area and the volume in  my cheeks is just gone.  I have seen first hand the lifting/firming and overall youthfulness Ultherapy has given to my skin care patients.

I’m going to say it – Ultherapy  hurts like a MO FO (!!!) But I was so excited to have it done, that I really didn’t care about the pain.
Unlike lasers which treat the surface of the skin, Ultherapy works from the inside-out by sending ultrasonic waves non-invasively, to lift and tighten the deeper tissues below the skin. Ultherapy goes deeper, and creates more heat then any other laser/radio frequency device out there.

colleen on treatment table with face marked upThe pain is hard to describe, but let me give you this advice – take a Percocet or Vicodin beforehand and ask your practitioner to give you an ice balloon during the treatment. Hold the ice on one side of your face while the other side is being treated, then flip flop with the practitioner.

Back to the pain – it’s a new sensation so maybe that is part of it, but it feels like little tiny electrocutions underneath your skin that create some heat.


*Individual results may vary

When it was over, my skin looked instantly “glowy.” My face was possibly a little bit swollen but nobody other than myself could really notice. And now that it’s over, I don’t have to worry about Ultherapy affecting the rest of my 40 to 30 Treatment Plan (affecting filler or irritating my skin after a chemical peel.)

You’ll be able to see my jowls fully tightened, my brow lifted and my eyes opened up in about four to six months, so look for my “after” photos in June. Now, if the FDA could just approve Ultherapy for my derriere!



P.S. If you have any more questions about Ultherapy or other skincare treatments, leave me a note in the comment section or send me a message here.

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