Facial Laceration Repair

Facial Laceration Repair for Patients in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto.

If you have experienced an injury such as a facial laceration, facial fracture or traumatic injury that resulted in distortion or disfigurement of your features, it is important to consult surgeons experienced in reconstruction to restore your appearance. Our unique partnership practice in facial plastic surgery can provide you with aesthetic corrective surgery to help you look your best and improve your self-image.

Facial lacerations can occur in areas of the face such as the eyelid, lip, nose and ears. Because of the prominence of these features in daily activities and interactions, restoration requires the delicate work of a facial plastic surgeon. Deep penetrating injuries and tearing lacerations of the face, lips or ears should definitely be cared for by surgeons with significant experience in aesthetic reconstructive techniques.

*Individual patient results may vary


How is this surgery performed?

We are able to perform a number of surgical procedures and techniques designed to address your facial trauma including facial laceration repair in the office under local anesthesia. These types of aesthetic reconstructions are not a "one size fits all." We will discuss the options for repair with you, and work with you to formulate a customized surgical plan before moving forward.

We also specialize in the repair of pediatric facial lacerations. Children's lacerations can be repaired in the office or under minor sedation. The skin edges are freshened and meticulously closed under magnification to minimize scarring.

Post-Operative Recovery Process

The sutures on the face are usually removed 3-5 days after the procedure. There will be some swelling and redness that persists in the area for a few weeks. It is important that patients are followed for six to twelve months to ensure an appropriate aesthetic outcome.

We serve patients who have experienced a facial laceration and/or facial fractures in Palo Alto and San Jose as well as the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are credentialed at El Camino Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. Our core objective is to provide a safe, comfortable surgical experience that aspires to restore your appearance and aims to produce natural results. Always feel free to call the clinic or make an appointment online. We focus exclusively on cosmetic and reconstructive enhancement of the face and neck and are uniquely qualified to handle your case.