Is This Procedure Right For Me?

Please explore the interactive model below to learn about our services and choose an approach that is right for you.

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Learn more about the various kinds of facial treatments that are for Facial Plastic Surgery offered by Dr. Lieberman & Dr. Parikh.

Which Procedure is Right for Me?


Forehead wrinkles, Dynamic lines
- Botox, Dysport
Forehead wrinkles, Static Lines
- Juvederm, Restylane
Loss of Definition, hollowing of the temples
- Sculptra, Radiesse


Thin Lips/Lack of definition
- Non-surgical (Fillers)
- Surgical (Lip lift, V to Y Lip Advancement
Procedure, Micro Fat Injections/Fat
Augmentation/Fat Grafting, Lip Implants)

Fine lines/smokers line
- Non-surgical (Botox & Dysport, Fillers, Skin
Resurfacing – chemical peel, laser)
- Surgical (Skin resurfacing – dermabrasion, ablative CO2 laser)


Male or Female pattern hair loss
- Non-surgical (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser comb)
- Surgical (Micro-follicular hair transplantation)

Smile Lines

Deepening of folds around mouth
- Non-surgical (Fillers)
- Surgical (Facelift, Micro Fat Injections/Fat Augmentation/Fat Grafting


Skin laxity
- Surgical (Face and necklift)

- Surgical (Submental (under chin) liposuction, Submentoplasty, Face and necklift)

- Non-surgical (Botox, Dysport)
- Surgical (Face and Necklift, Platysmaplasty)


Volume loss/drooping of cheeks
- Non-surgical (Facial fillers/Injectables - Sculptra, Juvederm, Radiesse)
- Surgical (Vertical vector facelift, Endoscopic Midface lift, Fat transfer, Cheek implants)


Wrinkling (“bag of worms”)
- Non-surgical (Botox, Dysport)

Underprojected/Overprojected chin
- Non-surgical (Fillers)
- Surgical (Chin augmentation with implants, Chin reduction surgery)


Smile lines around eyes
- Non-surgical (Botox, Dysport, Skin resurfacing)


Protruding ears, abnormally shaped ears
- Surgical (Otoplasty - ear pinning surgery)


Lower set brow or droopiness of brow (angry expression, fatigued)
- Non-surgical (Botox, Dysport)
- Surgical (Endoscopic Browlift)

Deep frown lines (glabellar furrows)
- Non-surgical (Botox, Dysport)
- Surgical (Endoscopic Browlift, Transblepharoplasty Corrugator Muscle resection)


Excess skin (upper or lower eyelids)
- Non-surgical (Skin resurfacing – chemical peel, Laser)
- Surgical (Upper eyelid surgery, Lower eyelid Surgery)

Bags underneath eyes
- Non-surgical (Skin resurfacing – chemical peel, laser, Filler into tear trough – Restylane, Juvederm
- Surgical (Upper eyelid surgery, Lower eyelid Surgery)


Bunching of soft tissue along jaw line, loss of jawline definition
- Non-surgical (Fillers)
- Surgical (Facelift)


Cosmetic concerns (Bulbous tip, dorsal hump, Crooked nose)
- Non-surgical (Fillers)
- Surgical (External Rhinoplasty, Endonasal Rhinoplasty, Nasal Tip surgery)

Breathing concerns (deviated septum, nasal valve Collapse)
- Surgical (Functional Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty)

Our core objective is to provide a safe, comfortable surgical experience that aspires to restore your appearance and aims to produce natural results. Always feel free to call the clinic with any questions and/or to schedule an appointment at 650-327-3232.