Meet Roop


“These doctors are the BEST at what they do! I’ve read a lot of stories about people going to a plastic surgeon for a routine procedure and coming back a complete mess, so I was terrified of having a new doctor work on my face. However, Dr. Parikh knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t push you into crazy solutions but recommends ways to slowly get the results you’re looking for.”

Roop came to L&P Aesthetics before her engagement party because she didn’t want to feel self-conscious about the dark circles under her eyes during her wedding season. She said that Dr. Parikh was especially helpful because he explained why she was seeing the dark circles and what she could do to slowly improve them.

After her initial treatment with dermal filler in her eye troughs, she  immediately started getting compliments about how alive and awake she was looking. And at her engagement party and on her wedding day, she said she felt totally unselfconscious and happy with looking like herself.

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*Keep in mind that each patient is unique; your results may vary.

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