Specialized Skin Care Services

Cristina Walstead

Our skin is a dynamic structure that is constantly changing throughout our lifetime. These changes are due to internal and external forces that our body faces every day. Each and every one of us has a different blueprint to our skin and everyoneís skin care must be tailored to the individualís unique and ever-changing skin conditions.

Lieberman & Parikh Facial Plastic Surgeryís professional skincare treatments are physician-guided and tailored specifically for each individualís skin type and concerns. Our treatments include medical grade products and advanced technology, but also emphasize the rest and relaxation that one needs.

Our team brings over 20 years of skincare experience to you through the collaborative approach of our physicians and our aesthetic staff. We will create the proper skincare routine for you, that is results driven to target the ever-changing needs of your skin.

Please see our Specialized Skin Care Services Menu for details about specific esthetician services.