Split Earlobe Repair

Split Earlobe Repair for Patients in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto

For centuries, earrings have been worn to enhance one's beauty and appearance. Over time a piercing site can stretch from years of wearing heavy jewelry. On occasion, a person may suffer a tear in the earlobe, resulting in a cleft or a split in the lobe. This can lead to discomfort and self-consciousness, as well as the inability to wear earrings. Split earlobe repair can allow you to feel more confident and wear your favorite jewelry again.

In addition, as we get older, our earlobes continue to stretch and elongate, sometimes noticeably. You may simply want a smaller earlobe that would be in better proportion with your ear and the rest of your face. This can also be accomplished with surgery.

Pre-Operative Process

Am I a candidate for split earlobe repair?

You may be a candidate for earlobe surgery if the appearance of your earlobe draws unwanted attention, detracts from other facial features, or if you generally don't find your earlobe shape to be attractive. Common reasons for seeking out this type of surgery:

  • Split earlobes
  • Stretched or elongated piercing holes from jewelry or gauged ears
  • Elimination of a piercing


How is this surgery performed and what should I expect after my split earlobe repair?

Split earlobe repair is performed under local anesthesia in the office. A small tape bandage is worn for seven days. Sutures are removed five and seven days after the procedure. Re-piercing is performed six weeks after the procedure and is part of the repair package, if desired. Doctors Lieberman and Parikh will make recommendations about earring materials for piercing to minimize the chance of recreating a deformity.

Because a local anesthesia is used, it will not be necessary to have someone drive you home. You will be able to resume your usual activities the day following your surgery. We have provided split earlobe repair before and after photos of our patients to help you visualize the possibilities.