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Botox or Dysport – What You Need To Know

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Botox or Dysport? BOTOX Cosmetic has been around the longest, but it’s not the only neuromodulator you have to choose from. Dysport, made by the parent company Galderma, doesn’t have the same name-recognition, but it’s almost chemically identical to BOTOX.


  • Both are neuromodulators that contain the same active ingredient, botulinum type A
  • Both are injected to relax the facial muscles that lead to fine lines and wrinkles
  • Both are FDA-Approved

Ultimately, the choice between BOTOX and Dysport comes down to the preference of you and your provider. Here at Lieberman & Parikh, we use Botox and Dysport almost interchangeably, with a few subtle exceptions:



  • Made by Galderma (BOTOX by Cosmetic by Allergan)
  • Smaller-sized molecule
  • More diluted than Botox so it has a different dosage level
  • Some people think it disperses more broadly
  • Some people think the results  appear quicker (1-2 days with Dysport vs 3-5 days with BOTOX)

With a smaller molecule size, Dysport has the ability to move quicker and spread out over a larger area. In some parts of the face and for some people, this is a beneficial characteristic for a neuromodulator. For example, in the forehead or crow’s feet, where most people want a broad, even distribution, Dysport can be the better option.

However, when considering deep lines and wrinkles like the “11’s” that appear between the eyebrows, the diffusive quality of Dysport may not achieve the targeted relaxation that you want.

But ultimately, both products are safe and the decision really comes down to personal preference. Our medical assistant, Honey Villena, recently had a Dysport treatment, and here is what she had to say: 

“Coming from someone who has used BOTOX for years, Dysport feels softer and I didn’t get a headache after the injection. But basically it’s like asking which is better – Coke or Pepsi.”         

To find out which you like better – BOTOX or Dysport – give our office a call at (650) 327-3232 to set-up an appointment with one of our expert injectors.

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