Angle Of Jaw Implant

What Is An Angle of Jaw Implant or Jaw Augmentation?

A jawline that starts at the earlobe and extends down to the jaw angle is considered aesthetically appealing for both men and women. However, not all of us are genetically gifted with this ideal bone structure. An angle of jaw implant or jaw augmentation is a procedure Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti use to refine the jawline for an overall balanced and attractive look for the face. The surgeons perform angle of jaw implant surgery at our Palo Alto location and hold consultations at our Los Gatos, CA, location, as well.

For women, a beautiful jawline is prominent and elegant; for men, a masculine jawline is broad and square.

No matter what type of jaw you desire, it is possible to achieve the look with a jaw implant created by our facial plastic surgeons who highly trained in facial anatomy and understand the subtleties of facial beauty. Using 3D imagery, your surgeon will work directly with the manufacturer to create a custom 3D-printed jaw implant to meet your cosmetic goals.

To find out if you are a good candidate for an angle of jaw implant or jaw augmentation, give our Palo Alto or Los Gatos office a call at (650) 407-2922 or send us an email and someone will get right back to you.

Dr. Parikh, Dr. Lieberman, and Dr. Curti

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Jaw Augmentation?

People with concerns about the width of the jaw, the length of the jaw or the chin can benefit from jaw augmentation. Patients often come to our practice, wanting to make a change, but many are not aware of the angle of a jaw implant option.

Usually, in the younger population, the concern is that their jaw looks under-pronounced in selfies or in their profile view. For the older population, the most common concern is a weak chin or weak jawline that presented with the aging process. Sometimes this population is also concerned about sagging of the neck, jowling and the formation of wrinkles of the lower face and neck.

Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti are part of a select group of surgeons who are qualified to perform this procedure. During your facial consultation, your surgeon will review all of the options available for enhancing your jawline and determine if you are in fact a good candidate for jaw augmentation.

Why Would Someone Get Angle of Jaw Implants Versus Dermal Fillers?

During a “liquid facelift” or full facial rejuvenation, our facial plastic surgeons, as well as our cosmetic nurse injectors, use dermal fillers to enhance a jawline. Most often, they use JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® because it is thick and lasts longer than many fillers. While dermal fillers are temporary, they require no downtime.

However, some patients desire a more permanent solution and should consider jaw augmentation surgery. At L&P Aesthetics, both dermal fillers and a jaw augmentation surgery are available to patients and the route you choose will depend on your goals, budget and timeline.

How Is An Angle of Jaw Implant Inserted?

Angle of jaw implants are made of silicone, a solid but pliable material, which are inserted in the back of the mouth. Our surgeons make small, intraoral incisions that don’t leave visible scars and set the implants along the original angles of the jaw and under the masseter muscle to cover most of the implant. Usually, the implant will be held in place by a small screw, 6 mm to limit the chance of implant displacement. Implant displacement is unlikely, but possible during the initial healing period.

Is Jaw Augmentation Used in Conjunction With Other Procedures?

Many of Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti’s patients receive angle of jaw implants in combination with chin implants or cheek augmentation as a way to achieve the most natural and pleasing results during a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Patients who are hoping to slow back the hands of time may, in fact, need a facelift but a jawline enhancement with custom facial implants can be conducted all in the same procedure.

Enhancing the angles of the jaw is a powerful way our surgeons are able to naturally transform your face into one that you find aesthetically pleasing.

For more information about angle of jaw implants or jaw augmentation, give L&P Aesthetics a call at (650) 407-2922 or send us an email.

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