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What Is The UltraClear® Laser?

The UltraClear® laser, the first cold fiber laser to be FDA approved for the treatment of all skin types and tones, is now being offered at L&P Aesthetics! We are thrilled to add it to our lineup of lasers not only because it is highly efficacious, even for darker skin tones, but it also comes with shorter downtime and is more comfortable than many other laser treatments available. 

At L&P Aesthetics, we believe in making the best decisions for each patient rather than being first to market with a new technology. But, with the UltraClear laser, our surgeons, Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti, believe we have found a true differentiator. The cool fiber technology behind the UltraClear along with the multi-level intensity settings and the laser’s ability to treat darker skinned patients safely, all made this new technology a must-have for our practice.

Let’s dive into the science behind why UltraClear is so innovative. What does that mean to be a cold fiber laser and why is it so revolutionary?

What Makes UltraClear® Different From Other Lasers?

Most lasers use heat to create a ‘controlled injury’ which then stimulates skin regeneration. There are two main concerns with heat-based lasers – thermal energy is not safe for darker skin toned people and the heat created by the laser can be painful.

UltraClear’s innovative technology uses a cold fiber laser which minimizes unwanted thermal damage (heat) and reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) that commonly affects Asian, South Asian, Hispanic, and darker skinned people.

Also, it is less painful with less downtime than traditional laser treatments. The cold fiber technology dramatically reduces pain during treatment and shortens the downtime after treatment.

Since UltraClear stimulates the natural healing and skin restructuring process, it leads to growth of new skin cells along with increased collagen and elastin production. Ultimately, UltraClear leads to clearer, tighter, more glowing skin for people of all ethnicities and skin types.

Book your UltraClear® consultation at L&P Aesthetics by calling us in Palo Alto at (650) 381-1077 or in Los Gatos at (408) 872-9673. You’re also welcome to send us a quick email.

How does the UltraClear® Laser work?

UltraClear, a fractional laser, uses a new wavelength specifically developed to be more comfortable and safe for all skin tones. It uses a first-of-its-kind cold laser beam which creates tiny openings in your skin without generating large amounts of heat. These areas of controlled damage trigger a healing response that increases collagen and elastin. It also stimulates skin renewal to eliminate dull, damaged cells and restore a smoother surface.

What makes this efficacious laser even more beneficial to our practice is that it is customizable by our highly-trained aesthetic providers. A lesser setting can be used for a result similar to that of a MOXI treatment, but if used to its fullest power, the UltraClear laser can produce results that are almost as dramatic as those of a TRL. It is important to note that most intense settings of UltraClear may not be safe for darker skin tones.

Speaking of settings, the highly-trained L&P providers can manipulate the intensity settings of the UltraClear laser to treat everything from the delicate under eye areas to the more robust skin of the neck and décolletage, all during the same appointment.

What Skin Conditions Does UltraClear® Treat?

Firming, smoothing, and balancing discoloration – UltraClear is capable of it all.  It firms and smooths the skin while also eliminating damaged outer layers of cells to reveal clear, undamaged skin. It even treats discoloration, fine wrinkles and scars with less downtime than most resurfacing lasers.

The providers at L&P Aesthetics will customize your UltraClear treatment to work both superficially and on the deeper so that it will target multiple signs of aging simultaneously. Since there are multiple settings of the UltraClear laser it is difficult to list all of the potential benefits, but of the main skin conditions it can treat include:

  • Dullness
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage discoloration
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scars / surgical scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Uneven texture
  • Loose skin
  • Skin lesions

What is the UltraClear® Process?

Before receiving any skin resurfacing or laser treatment at L&P Aesthetics, you will receive a comprehensive consultation from one of our aesthetic experts to ensure the best treatment plan is in place to meet your needs and goals.

If UltraClear becomes part of your treatment plan, you may need to pretreat with hydroquinone or another pigment blocker to prepare your skin for the procedure, however pretreatment is not always required, especially with lighter-toned skin.

If the L&P Aesthetics practitioner is using a lower setting of UltraClear, you may not even need a topical numbing cream, but when the deeper settings are used, a nerve block may be recommended to ease any potential discomfort.

The actual UltraClear treatment lasts anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area (full face, neck and chest or just spot treatments). After treatment has finished, we apply finishing products and you are free to return to work or other daily activities as long as you are mindful of sun exposure.

To achieve the most dramatic results, several UltraClear treatments may be recommended by our L&P Aesthetics team. But, even with one treatment, patients usually see noticeable improvements in their skin.

What Is The Downtime After UltraClear®?

Depending on the aggressiveness of the treatment, the downtime after your UltraClear treatment can last anywhere from one to three days on the lowest setting to seven to ten days with the higher intensity settings. The procedure is customized to your goals and your ability to take days off from socializing and in person work.

To find out if UltraClear is right for you, please call us in Palo Alto at (650) 381-1077 or in Los Gatos at (408) 872-9673.

UltraClear® Laser Before and After Gallery

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Smoother Skin After One Month For Skin Type 4

Smoother Skin After One Month For Skin Type 4

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Smoother & Lighter Skin After 20 Days

Smoother & Lighter Skin After 20 Days

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ScarRemoval With UltraClear

Scar Removal With UltraClear

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Scar Removal After Two Months, Skin Type 6

Scar Removal After Two Months, Skin Type 6

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Lifted and Tightened Neck with UltraClear

Lifted and Tightened Neck with UltraClear

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Brighter, Tighter Skin With UltraClear

Brighter, Tighter Skin With UltraClear

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AcneScarringRemovalFor Asian Woman

Acne Scarring Removal For Asian Woman

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