Revision Facelift

Because they are known for their natural-looking facelift results, board-certified surgeons Drs. Lieberman, Parikh, and Curti are often asked to perform revision facelift surgery by people from Palo Alto, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara, and around the Bay Area. They specialize in the gold-standard for facelifting, the deep-plane facelift, which works on an entirely different level of tissue than older techniques

What Is a Revision Facelift?

Most revision facelift surgery is done after the first facelift either to maintain the youthful appearance of the original surgery or to enhance the older facelifting technique where surgeons simply pulled the skin taut and cut the remnants off. This older style of facelifting is a one-dimensional approach that usually makes people look unnaturally stiff or windswept.

Not many surgeons are qualified to perform a deep-plane facelift but when done well, the results of an L&P Lift or an L&P revision facelift can lead to a more natural, vibrant you.

Why Get A Revision Facelift?

The average facelift usually lasts about 10 years; however, how long a person’s results last depends on the quality of procedure performed and a person’s genetic makeup, as well as level of health.

If you feel that your original facelift no longer improves your appearance or if you are simply dissatisfied with your facelift because of scarring, asymmetry or other issues from a previous surgery, it is usually the right time to consider a revision facelift.

Due to our surgeons’ training and comfort level with different types of facelifting techniques, they are well suited to address any issues that may have arisen from a previous surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Lieberman, Dr. Parikh, or Dr. Curti will customize a plan based on your concerns and health history.

Dr. Parikh, Dr. Lieberman, and Dr. Curti

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How Is a Revision Facelift Performed?

From a surgical standpoint, a revision facelift requires additional considerations because people who have already had a facelift usually have thinner skin, scar tissue and potentially other issues left over from the original procedure.

Our surgeons perform all facelift surgeries at our state-of-the-art, private and fully accredited surgery center, AAASC, located in the same building as L&P Aesthetics. When possible, they use the same incision site from the first facelift or they revise the sites to better locations to make the scars less visible (usually in the natural creases in front of the ears).

As many facelifts performed by other surgeons are SMAS facelifts (vs a deep-plane facelift), our surgeons will first address areas of scar tissue and then move into un-operated tissues in the deep plane of the face and neck. During this time, they will resuspend the fat and muscles below the skin to create more youthful contours. They are also able to correct asymmetries in facial features and potentially remove any remaining scar tissues.

As with all facelift surgeries, the patient will then be bandaged to keep down bruising and swelling.

What Is the Recovery Like After a Revision Facelift?

The recovery for a revision facelift is almost identical to that of the initial facelift. While most patients do not need to stay overnight at AAASC, all patients will need to plan for at least 10 days of focused rest. At this time, people often feel comfortable going out in public but it will take many months, if not a year, to see the full results.

If you’re interested in recovering outside of your home with a recovery nurse, our patient care coordinator and patient concierge will help you arrange your accommodations and support crew.

To see if a revision facelift is right for you, request your consultation online or call (650) 407-2922 to schedule an appointment to see one of our facial plastic surgeons in the Bay Area at our Palo Alto or Los Gatos offices.

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