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RESTYLANE® Tear Trough Cheek Filler, Case 78

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Facial Fillers before and after treatment

About This Patient

Female, Age 27

Case Details

This young lady from the South Bay came to visit Drs. Lieberman & Parikh in our Palo Alto office becuase she wasn’t to happy with the dark circles under her eyes. She wasn’t ready for surgery and wanted to address them with Dermal Fillers. The first thing we noticed that she had very attractive eyes with the dark under eye shadows drawing attention away from them.

After a thorough facial analysis, we came up with a plan to use Restylane to reduce the tear trough shadowing under her eyes. She also has a lot of dark pigment in the skin of her under eyes that will be treated with topical skin care by our medical esthetician. She was thrilled with her new appearance of looking less tired and more upbeat.

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