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Chin Implant for More Definition, Case 306

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Chin Augmentation before and after treatment

About This Patient

Female, Age 20

Case Details

This lovely patient wanted more definition in her lower face to balance her strong facial features. After considering filler injections and other approaches, she chose to have a surgical chin implant here at L&P, for a more permanent and dramatic solution.

She took these “Before” and “After” pictures herself and sent them to us….what a WOW! We are honored she trusted us to help create this beautifully strong, incredibly graceful profile.

Just like breast implants, “chinplants” are NOT one-size-fits-all, and they’re three-dimensional…they should “fit” the patient and complement her body from every angle.
A surgeon – in partnership with the patient – has to choose when and how to use them to meet a patient’s goals.

This patient’s implant was perfectly sized and executed in all 3 dimensions, to affect multiple angles of her lower face, for a completely harmonious, natural-looking result. Her chin…her jawline…even the projection of her lips…her entire face has been transformed by one simple procedure!

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