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Lip Lift and Corner Lip Lift Result, Case 305

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Lip Lift before and after treatment

About This Patient

Female, Age 25

Case Details

We love to show you the beautiful results that Drs. L&P achieve for their patients. For most people, that’s the fun, rewarding part of plastic surgery…the transformation! The happy ending!

But behind the scenes, the doctors spend 99% of their time studying, planning, and perfecting what happens between the “Before” and the “After.”

To Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parikh, the unique technical and artistic challenges of each case is “the fun part.” They are as passionate and meticulous about their craft and process as their patients are about getting their final results.

As much as we enjoy putting our patients in the spotlight, a successful outcome is determined by what goes on behind the scenes…so we want to share some of that, too!

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