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Baby BOTOX: What To Know Before Starting Botox

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Anyone looking a noninvasive treatment with almost no downtime to  freshen their appearance should look no further than Baby Botox or Botox Cosmetic. While Botox Cosmetic is one of the top treatments at L&P Aesthetics in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are some misconceptions and confusion we’d like to dispel:

What Is Baby Botox?

‘Baby Botox’ is just a fun term that people use when someone has never tried Botox before and just want a few units. What is a unit, you ask? Keep on reading…

What Is A Unit Of Botox & How Many Units Do I Need?

Units of Botox refer to how much liquid is injected into one area. Some areas of the face with strong muscles, like the brows, need up to 10 units of Botox while other areas, like above the lip, need just 1 or 2 units of Baby Botox. Your provider will evaluate your face and let you know how many units she or he expects to inject to achieve your ultimate goal. Read more about Botox Units.

Is Botox Just For Wrinkles?

While Botox is used for lines and wrinkles most of the time, there are some patients who receive Botox injections for jaw clenching, migraines, or in some cases, excessive sweating. Botox is a nuromodulator that restricts some muscle movement temporarily.

Will Botox Make Me Look Fake? 

Botox Cosmetic relaxes muscles in the face, which results in less movement but there’s nothing ‘fake’ about not having wrinkles or deep creases in your skin. With Botox is done well, you will still have lots of facial movement, just without the wrinkles. People will most likely tell you that you look rested and happy and never suspect you had anything ‘done’.

To schedule a Baby Botox or wrinkle-treatment at L&P Aesthetics, just call us at 650-327-3232 or send us an email.

If I Start Botox Now, Will It Make Me Look Worse In The Future? 

Lots of providers like to jokingly say, “The age you start is the age you stay,” – but this is not entirely true. At L&P Aesthetics, our providers focus on natural-looking results, no matter what your age is, and Botox only lasts three – six months before your body naturally metabolizes it. 

Botox can be corrective but also preventive. Starting regular Baby Botox treatments in your 20s is not a bad idea if you are concerned with preventing deep lines from forming. Botox relaxes the muscles so that you deep lines don’t get etched into your skin and turn into permanent wrinkles over time.

Do I Need Botox If I’m Still in My 20s?

The truth is that no one NEEDS Botox. It is an aesthetic treatment that is not necessary for any patient, unless of course, you have migraines or TMJ and find relief with Botox injections in the jaw area. But if you want to prevent lines and wrinkles from ever forming, Baby Botox injections are the way to go.

Also, many people in their 20s are interested in beauty enhancements like the lip flip -Botox injected just above the cupids’ bow for a fuller lip look, the brow lift – Botox injected above the eyebrow to give a more awake appearance and gummy-smile prevention – Botox injected between the nose and upper lip to reduce the visible gum during a smile. All of these injections work to enhance natural features and are excellent treatments for people at any age.

What Do I Do If My Injector Asks Me If I Want To Look ‘Frozen’?

Definitely don’t start belting out the song “Let It Goooooo.” The term ‘frozen’ in aesthetics sounds scary but it actually refers to having no visible lines for a short period of time.

Botox is restricts movement in the muscles and common areas of the face to get Botox are the forehead, the glabella (between the brows), the crows feet (sides of eyes), bunny lines (top of the nose), the neck, and chin. You will still be able to move your facial features with the ‘frozen’ look but the lines won’t show.

What Is The Difference Between Corrective & Preventative Botox?

Corrective Botox is generally for people 35 and older who have lines and wrinkles when their face is at rest. By softening these lines with Botox, the muscles are not able to move as much and the patient receives a smoother, fresher look. 

Preventative Botox, or Baby Botox, is generally for people 35 and younger who don’t yet have lines and wrinkles etched in yet. By injecting Botox and restricting the movement of the upper face, the lines and creases are never able to form. 

How Can I Avoid A Botox Horror Story?

You’ve probably heard one or two Botox horror stories but chances are the person getting injected didn’t see a certified and highly-trained injector, maybe didn’t go to a medical clinic and possibly paid under-market value for a rip-off Botox substitute. It is true that an inexperienced injector can drop your brow or worse, cause a temporary paralyzation, but these horrors generally are extremely rare with experienced injectors. 

Baby Botox at L&P Aesthetics 

All of our medical providers do Botox injections at L&P Aesthetics. It is important to understand that all Botox appointments are initiated with a consultation. We want to hear your concerns to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment. Some patients want a more natural look with less movement, while others want to be “frozen.”

All of our providers have years of injecting experience and can get you on an aesthetic plan that is right for you.  To schedule a Botox or wrinkle-treatment, just call us at 650-327-3232 or send us an email.

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