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Hair Plugs Or A Hair Transplant

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Hair plugs are a form of hair transplant, but over the years, hair plugs have been almost entirely replaced by newer procedures – FUE and FUT hair transplants, also referred to as FUT or FUE hair restoration.

What Are Hair Plugs?

Hair plugs refer to the hair transplant procedure done in the 1950s where surgeons would literally carve out “plugs” (round sections of skin with the hair follicles) from the back of one’s head and then insert these ‘plugs’ into balding parts of the scalp.

As one can imagine, these large sections of skin and hair follicles were not easy to care, heal and they produced an un-natural, almost ‘doll-like’ result. In addition to taking several weeks to complete the process, hair plugs came with a whole host of issues such as:

  • Scarring
  • Bleeding & swelling
  • Infection
  • Displeasing results
  • Ingrown hairs

What Is The Difference Between FUT & FUE Hair Restoration?

The next iteration of hair restoration didn’t come around until about 1995 but really became popular during the early 2000s. The newer hair transplant procedure was FUT, follicular unit transplant. During this procedure, surgeons extract a strip of skin, usually from the back of the scalp, extract the individual hair follicles from the strip and then implant those extracted follicles into areas of balding.

FUT was a huge step forward in terms of giving surgeons more precision in creating a natural-looking hairline. But FUT can cause an unsightly scar in the the back of the head. FUT is still commonly performed in some situations, especially when a large number of hair follicles are needed for implantation.

The most modern and sophisticated form of hair transplant, is Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE hair restoration. This procedure involves your provider individually removing one hair follicle at a time. The idea of an FUE hair transplant is that healthy hair follicles and taken directly from one area of the head and implanting them into areas of hair loss.

Hair Plugs vs FUE Hair Restoration Procedures

FUE Hair Restoration, also referred to as FUE hair transplantation, is basically a more precise and sophisticated version of the hair plug procedure. The technology has advanced so much that surgeons area able to pluck out each individual hair follicle one-by-one. At L&P Aesthetics, we use the NeoGraft technology for extraction. A FUE procedure with the NeoGraft technology will take anywhere from 4 – 10 hours, depending on the number of grafts the patient needs.  Detailed instructions of post-procedure care should be given to each patient with any hair transplant procedure. 

When Will You See The Results Of A FUE Hair Transplant?

At L&P Aesthetics, we prepare all of our patients for a prolonged healing process and set the expectation that a hair transplant is a journey. It takes a year to see the final results of hair growth and sometimes a patient will want a second procedure.

Drs. Lieberman and Parikh inform also all of their Bay Area hair transplant patients that “shock loss” is a possibility. Some patients do feel like they are losing more hair than usual post-procedure. While this does happen on occasion, it is rare, and it usually does not affect the final result. 

For more information on a hair transplant in the Bay Area and the hair transplant cost, give L&P Aesthetics a call: 650-327-3232

Multi-Modality Treatments For Hair Restoration

Drs. Lieberman & Parikh believe the best way to tackle hair loss is through multi-modality treatments. L&P Aesthetics offers an add-on treatment called Hair PRP which helps with stimulate under performing hair follicles using a patient’s own platelet rich plasma. We also offer a variety of shampoos, topical products and supplements to aid in hair-growth.

Why L&P Aesthetics For A Hair Transplant?

Drs. David Lieberman & Sachin Parikh are both dual-board certified facial plastic surgeon who specialize in the head and neck. This expertise gives them the unique ability to create the most natural-looking hairline.

Drs. Lieberman and Parikh are specialized in mapping-out a customized hairline for each of their patients, and most of their patients are thrilled with their final results. Visit the L&P Aesthetics hair transplant gallery of before and to see actual patient results.

If you have any questions about hair plugs, FUT or FUE hair restoration, call L&P Aesthetics at 650-327-3232.

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