Facelifts and BOTOX®: Facial Plastic Surgeons Share Face Vs. Body Survey Results

You shouldn’t have to choose between having a youthful face and a youthful body, but let’s pretend for a moment you did. Which would you pick? If you’re anything like the majority of women who responded to a recent survey that asked that very question, you’ll agree: It’s all about that face.

Almost 60 percent of the 21- to 65-year-old women who participated felt like their forehead, chin, and everything in between mattered more than the rest of their body when it came to projecting a healthy, youthful appearance to the world.

Drs. David M. Lieberman and Sachin S. Parikh, facial plastic surgeons in the Bay Area, aren’t surprised. The doctor duo understands the importance of the face, which is why they emphasize facial cosmetic rejuvenation and surgery—everything from a complex and involved facelift to minimally invasive BOTOX—at their Palo Alto practice. They know how vital it is to have expert, focused care for the face: After all, everybody sees it every day. It’s the most prominent—and probably the most aesthetically important—part of your body. Even small changes on your face can make a big difference in the way others see you.

The Surgical Route: Facelift


One of the most obvious and frequently chosen ways to make those small changes is with a facelift, a surgery that’s customizable depending on what each particular patient wants.

  • A lower facelift, for example, tackles only the neck and jowl areas. The doctors aim to tighten up any sagging and drooping found there, paying close attention to the skin, deep tissues, and facial and neck muscles.
  • Working our way up, a mid-facelift revitalizes the region below the lower eyelid and above the upper lip.
  • Put them both together, and you have a full facelift.
  • Want to go higher still? Now we’re talking a brow lift, which focuses on the forehead.
  • There are also less-invasive options, including the nonsurgical facelift, which involves dermal fillers and ultrasound technology creating tighter skin from the brow at the top to the jawline and neck at the bottom.

See the difference a facelift can make in our before-and-after photo gallery.

The Nonsurgical Route: BOTOX


BOTOX is another San Francisco favorite, as the injectable cosmetic is well known for its ability to temporarily smooth away frown lines and forehead creases. BOTOX frequently tops the list of globally popular treatments, a status it enjoys after more than a quarter century of regular use as a wrinkle-fighting cosmetic.

In fact, BOTOX maker Allergan sponsored the face-vs.-body study, working with a group called Wakefield Research to find out what matters to women when it comes to youthfulness, beauty, and their bodies. (And even though the study focused only on women, don’t forget that men also frequently choose facelifts and BOTOX, too.)

See more BOTOX transformations in our before-and-after photo gallery.

To learn more about facelifts, BOTOX, or other ways to rejuvenate your face here in the Bay Area, contact us online or give our Palo Alto office a call at (650) 327-3232.

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