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Under Eye Filler, Case 167

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Facial Fillers before and after treatment

About This Patient

Male, Age 40

Case Details

This patient came to Dr. P because he felt his cheeks were flat and his eyes were hallow and generally just wanted an improvement for an upcoming special event. These are some of the most fun and gratifying types of treatments to perform!

Dr. P used dermal fillers in both the under eye areas and the cheek/mid-face. It’s important to note that under eye filler done in combination with cheek filler can really help with the hollowness under the eyes and sometimes mask the under eye bags (if they aren’t pushing too far forward). Cheek filler also helps shorten the junction and improve the transition between the lower eyelid and cheek to create a soft, subtle rejuvenated appearance.

He had 1 day of minor swelling with no bruising. That’s not true for everybody. We always let patients know they can have some minor bruising and swelling with fillers. Our goal is to minimize it as much as possible and help with at-home care before and after treatment so the results are as good as possible

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