The Diamond Glow™ – The Latest Skin Resurfacing Technique

People have been obsessed with skin resurfacing for oh, just about forever.  At L&P Aesthetics, we are no different and love helping patients find glowing skin with the Diamond Glow ™ a noninvasive, resurfacing technique that leaves skin squeaky clean, soft and glowing. It is also the ideal treatment to enhance results from a micro-needling, laser or chemical peel treatment.

Dermalinfusion peel exfoliates, extracts, and infuses

To understand why the Diamond Glow™ works so well, we need to take a look back to 1500 BCE, when the Egyptians invented skin resurfacing by scrubbing a kind of sandpaper on their faces to wipe away scars and other blemishes.  Ouch!

Skip a few millennia and a multitude of skin resurfacing inventions, to the 1950s, when dermabrasion became a thing.

  • Dermabrasion, now considered an “old school” technique, is much like what the Egyptians did. It uses a high-speed instrument with an abrasive wheel, fibrous pad or brush to remove the outer layers of skin and give it a polished feel. While it is effective, dermabrasion is rough and can very easily produce excessive bleeding, irritation and even infection. Also, it hurts so much it requires anesthesia and takes 7-10 days to recover.
  • In the mid 1980s, the Italians invented microdermabrasion, a technique that sprays tiny crystals onto your skin to gently remove the outer layers. This technique is less aggressive than dermabrasion, so you don’t need numbing medicine but the crystals do not penetrate as deeply. It’s ineffective for deep wrinkles and other conditions, and the particles can be sprayed unevenly, which leaves the skin uneven as well.
  • Wet microdermabrasion came next. It’s basically the same thing, but to make the patient feel more comfortable, a lubrication is dropped onto the skin as the abrasion is happening.

Finally we’ve arrived at the Diamond Glow™, the most advanced skin resurfacing technique that does not require anesthesia, does not break the skin, penetrates the deeper layers of the dermis and infuses it with serums to encourage cell-regeneration.

Illustration showing Dermalinfusion process

The Diamond Glow™ uses a controlled pressure to vacuum the skin into a chamber where an exfoliating diamond head gently buffs the skin and removes dead skin cells, pigmentation, oils and other impurities. At that same moment, the skin is infused with a serum which penetrates deep into the skin and a suction pulls away all of the unwanted debris.

The Pros of Diamond Glow™

    • Good for almost any skin type
    • Requires no down time and can be performed over a lunch hour
    • Rehydrates dry skin
    • Volumizes skin up to 70%
    • Helps reduce the appearance of acne scars
    • Buffs away fine lines and wrinkles
    • Can lighten skin pigmentation
    • Can be an alternative to chemical peels when you do not want any downtime
Ideal for enhancing and maintaining the results  of other more intense treatments like chemical peels, lasers and MicroPen treatments.

The Cons of Diamond Glow™

    • Patients with very sensitive skin may experience discomfort and tingling.
    • Some patients may see a difference with one treatment, but it can take several treatments to achieve the desired result. To trigger cell regeneration, we recommend a series of four treatments spaced 2 – 4 weeks apart.

If you’re  ready to give the Diamond Glow™ a try or if you just want more information on medical-grade skin care treatments, give us a call at (650) 327-3232 or drop us a note here.

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