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Why Now is the Perfect Time for a Chemical Peel!

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It’s February and most people in the San Francisco Bay Area are putting on rain boots and begrudgingly braving the soggy effects of El Niño, but the office staff of Lieberman & Parikh Facial Plastic Surgery is celebrating because it’s “Peel Season”!

February and March, aka Peel Season, is the perfect time to get a chemical peel for your face as it’s an easy time to avoid sun and heat and the results of your peel appear right when you want them most, right after the gloomy winter months.

During a chemical peel, the top layer of skin is removed to allow for regeneration of fresh and healthier skin cells. This gives your face that sun-kissed glow you also get after spending two weeks on a yacht in St. Croix (which we also highly recommend:)

But alas, not all of us have the time to take the yacht out, so our fabulous aesthetician, Colleen Shimamoto, is able to customize a chemical peel based on your specific skin type, coloring and treatment goals. You can browse her Specialized Skin Care Services Menu to get an idea of the variety of peels she offers.

In addition to smoothing out the texture and tone of your skin, there are several other highly desirable benefits of a chemical peel:

  • Collagen production is stimulated to firm skin
  • Wrinkles soften
  • Sun spots and pigmentation issues fade
  • Acne scarring can be reduced
  • The appearance of pores decreases*

So now that we’ve convinced you that Peel Season is real and you should absolutely embrace it, here is the nitty gritty on chemical peels:

  • After a peel, you might experience some redness and flaking, but it won’t last long. You can typically return to your regular activities immediately.
  • It takes Colleen between 30 minutes to an hour to give you the treatment.
  • Make sure to use extra sun protection for at least a week.
  • With deeper chemical peels, it may look like you have sunburn for 3-4 days (but you can always tell people you were in St. Croix:)
  • For the best results, we recommend 4-6 treatments.
  • If you are pregnant or lactating or if you recently had facial surgery, please let our staff know so we can best serve you.

To celebrate Peel Season, please call us (650-327-3232) or get in touch here.

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