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Technology and Hair Transplants: San Francisco is Cutting Edge

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Patients losing their hair may not feel fortunate as they check out a receding hairline or increasing bald spot in the mirror, but they should know that they’re lucky enough to live in best time for a hair transplant. At this point, technology has progressed to allow for hair restoration that doesn’t just get the basics of the job done—it can create a healthy, robust, attractive, and natural-looking head of hair, and it can do so quickly and safely.

When it comes to a hair transplant, San Francisco plastic surgeons Dr. David Lieberman and Dr. Sachin Parikh favor follicular unit extraction, a game-changing method of collecting hairs from baldness-resistant areas on the scalp and placing them with precision where they’re needed. While this already represents a step up from the previous standard of cutting a linear strip from the back of the patient’s head for follicle harvesting, the modern technique benefits even further from the use of NeoGraft®, a state-of-the-art device that’s become the gold standard for hair transplant efforts.

The NeoGraft® system allows for an automated hair transplant experience, making it the least invasive option in the field today. Its minimal impact means it greatly reduces patient discomfort both during the procedure and during recovery, since there are no stitches or staples required. It also serves to improve the patient experience by speeding up the hair transplant procedure itself. A surgeon can move far more quickly and accurately by using NeoGraft® than by working by hand alone.

Once the procedure is complete and the grafts are growing in their new positions, patients have a wide range of hairstyles to choose from. The linear scar left by follicular unit extraction typically inspired hair worn long to cover the otherwise obvious stripe. A NeoGraft®-driven hair transplant allows for short hair, as there’s nothing to hide.

The precision this modern technology can be applied to other hair as well, aiding in an eyebrow or even a body hair transplant.

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