Treatments Overview

Skin care is an essential component in the fight against aging, and with Skincare by Colleen you will receive a results-oriented plan incorporating the latest rejuvenation methods and techniques. Our licensed aesthetician, Colleen Shimamoto, offers patients a personalized skin care analysis and a treatment option monitored by one of our dual board-certified facial plastic surgeons.

*Individual patient results may vary

Menu of Services for Skincare by Colleen


  • Signature Facial — 50 minutes, $120
    • signature-facial.jpg For care and preservation of your skin, we offer a results-oriented facial to enhance your true beauty. With a wealth of skincare knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical grade products, Colleen will analyze your skin and provide a personalized, relaxing treatment designed to solve your personal concerns. To enhance your results, Colleen will also help you plan an in-home ritual with products that will provide the best results for your skin.
  • Dermaplaning Facial – 60 minutes; $130
  • Basic Dermaplaning Treatment — 25 minutes; $99
    • Dermaplaning is an insider-favorite exfoliation technique that removes vellus hair or "peach fuzz" and sloughs off dead skin cells for a brighter complexion. This treatment does not require downtime and can quickly and effectively smooth texture and brighten skin. Make-up goes on flawlessly and your vellus hair does not grow back thicker or darker. Warning — this treatment is so nice it can become addictive.
  • Seasonal Facial – See our Specials Page

  • Men's Facial — 50 minutes; $145
    • men-facial.jpgThe Men's Facial is formulated for male needs, which usually involve shaving-related conditions or skin issues such as skin sensitivity and dullness.It is designed to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated for your on-the-go lifestyle .
  • Teen Acne Facial — 45 minutes; $75
    • Designed especially for young adult skin, this deep-pore cleansing treatment reduces congestion, oiliness, redness and breakouts. In addition, the treatment includes a personalized skin care consult for proper in-home care and makeup use.
  • Mamma—Friendly Facial — 50 minutes; $110
    • This is a perfect treat for an expecting mother who may be experiencing hormonally stressed skin. A relaxing, gentle, and safe fruit-enzyme exfoliation with a hydrating mask can rejuvenate, hydrate, and restore your complexion.
  • Full Back Facial with Extractions — 60 minutes; $120 (upper and lower)
  • Half Back Facial with Extractions — 30 minutes; $60 (upper half only)
    • When wearing a gown or going to the beach, you want your back to look its best.This customized facial for the back exfoliates, reduces impurities, and treats concerns such as discoloration, dryness or oiliness for a beautiful finish.
  • Custom Bridal Skincare Package —10% off a series of six, customized treatments; 10% off in-home skincare products and one complimentary facial valued at $150.
    • When your skin needs to look its absolute best, begin nourishing the skin with professional facials six months prior to the big day. We offer a comprehensive treatment plan that includes six integrated facials to address all of your skin concerns. In addition, you’ll receive 10% off in-home skincare products and one complimentary facial valued at $150.
  • Bridal Party Facial — 50 minutes; $120
    • Everyone in the bridal party — bridesmaids, grooms, MOBs even guests — want glowing, luminous skin for the big day. This customized facial is designed to bring out the glow and can be done a week to a few days prior to event.
  • SilkPeel — 60 minutes; $199
  • SilkPeel Package of 3 — $175 / each
  • SilkPeel Package of 6 — $160 / each
    • silkpeel.jpgThe Dermal Infusion SilkPeel is the only treatment to use real diamonds in its patented handpiece for the ultimate skin-refining experience. It addresses dark spots, acne, signs of aging, stretch marks, cellulite and dry skin by infusing fluid into the skin, rather than merely glazing the top layer. The SilkPeel is non-invasive, requires absolutely no down time and is one of the few procedures in which skin shows rapid and noticeable improvement in volume and hydration with even exfoliation.
    • The Dermal Infusion SilkPeel also includes extractions; dermaplaing, if needed; a vitamin c brightening scrub on the face, neck and décolleté; a light shoulder and head massage and finishing products.
  • SilkPeel Express — 20 minutes; $109
  • Package of 3 SilkPeel Expresses — $99 / each
    • Our SilkPeel Express is the perfect way to refresh your skin when you have limited time. With the SilkPeel Express, you’ll receive a gentle cleansing, mini SilkPeel treatment and the finishing products to give your skin an instant glow.

Facial Add-Ons

$30 per add-on

  • Eye Refresh
    • Depuffs, exfoliates and lifts in the delicate eye area
  • Perfect Pout
    • Lip exfoliation with plumping mask
  • Youthful Hands
    • Glycolic exfoliation and moisturizing mask
  • Décolleté Masque
    • Smoothing and brightening treatment with a firming mask


  • Glass Skin Peel Trio — 45 minutes; $160 each ($480 total)*
    • *Cannot book only one Glass Skin Peel. The treatment is only offered as a series of 3.
    • To achieve the glass skin appearance, you’ll need a series of three Glass Skin Peels. The Glass Skin Peel stimulates the dermis and encourages natural production of collagen and elastin while sloughing off dead, wrinkled and discolored skin. Using trichloroacetic acid (TCA), this is a powerful regeneration solution for sun-damaged or dull-looking skin to unveil your natural glow! Expect a few days of light sunburn sensation post treatment.
  • Mild Acne Peel — 45 minutes; $160
    • To lightly smooth out texture, reduce inflammation in current blemishes/cysts, lighten acne discoloration, reduce pore size and kill bacteria that would otherwise cause future breakouts, this light peel will be customized to your particular type of acne and address your personal skin needs. Commonly referred to as PIH, this peel targets post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation which refers to the spots left over from old blemishes.
  • It's All About the Eyes Add-On — $150 when combined with another treatment
    • This peel is designed to treat fine lines, crepey (dry and crinkled skin), and dark circles around the eye areas.


  • One treatment — 60 minutes; $450
  • Series of 3 — $400 / each
  • Series of 6 — $350 / each

Safe and effective, the MicroPen can smoothe wrinkles, refine your skin's texture and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

MicroPen with PRP – Pricing will be discussed during your consultation. Learn more about the MicroPen here.

Skin Care Products

Your journey to more beautiful skin begins with understanding the products you use. Colleen’s background in product development and education gives her an unparalleled insight into selecting the perfect products for her patients. For a full list of the medical-grade products we use, visit Skincare Products + Specials.