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Dr. Lieberman in NEWBEAUTY on Different Types of Rhinoplasty

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Dr. Lieberman and Dr. Parikh are honored to be featured in NEWBEAUTY’s article, “The Different Types of Rhinoplasty: Which One Is Right for You?” by Tatiana Bido. Pop over to their site to read the entire article! Below are the pearls from our own Drs. L&P.

From NEWBEAUTY.com: “The Different Types of Rhinoplasty: Which One Is Right for You?

Various Approaches

Palo Alto, CA facial plastic surgeon David Lieberman, MD explains that rhinoplasty involves restructuring the nasal cartilages, bones, and soft tissue. “Rhinoplasty is basically a restructuring or re-contouring of the nasal cartilages, nasal bones and sometimes the nasal soft tissue. While this is frequently done to address aesthetic concerns, the function of the nose must be accounted for in any nasal surgery,” he says. “Often patients want to achieve an improvement in their nasal airway and take that surgery as an opportunity to improve the external shape or contour of the nose.” 

Two main approaches are widely used: the open (or external) approach, involving a well-hidden incision between the nostrils, and the closed (or endonasal) approach, with incisions made within the nose. Both techniques can yield excellent outcomes, so it’s crucial to choose a surgeon based on their experience, track record, and level of care. “Over the last several years, the popularity of preservation rhinoplasty has risen,” he adds. …

Creating Facial Harmony

Determining the most aesthetically pleasing size and shape of the nose requires a balanced approach. “Reshaping a nose involves a delicate balance of skills,” says Dr. Lieberman. “It requires structural engineering to ensure harmony with existing features like the chin, cheeks, and eyes. There’s also an artistic aspect, making micro adjustments to enhance the overall facial features. Additionally, understanding the patient’s desires and achieving realistic expectations is essential.”

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