Jan Marini Chat Session at Lieberman & Parikh

Jan Marini, Drs. Lieberman and ParikhThe skincare maven and founder and CEO of JanMarini Skin Research, Jan Marini, sat down with the Lieberman & Parikh team to discuss all things skin and skincare!

We learned so much about the latest breakthroughs in skincare research and she even debunked a few skincare myths.

For example, we learned that it is okay to use a retinol during the summertime as long as you wear a SPF. Jan works with a dermatologist in Hawaii who recommends retinol to all of his patients, even the professional surfers.
At the very end of the Chat Session, Jan Marini was gracious enough (and Dr. Parikh was brave enough) to go on Facebook LIVE so she could give him a personalized skincare consult. You can see the full consult here.
Jan Marini with the Lieberman and Parikh Team
 If you have any questions about Jan Marini products or want a full skincare evaluation from our aesthtician, Colleen Shimamoto, give us a call at (650) 327-3232 or email us.
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