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Through February 2023: 15% OFF a Chemical Peel + $50 OFF an Oxygen Facial in Los Gatos

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Chemical exfoliation is a Gold Standard in clinical-grade skincare. Safely removing older, rougher surface skin stimulates cell turnover and reveals a softer, smoother layer that looks fresh and bright.

In January and February, Chemical Peels are 15% OFF with our licensed aesthetician, Sid Gonzales.

Sid will choose the perfect peel for your skin type. Sid’s incredible technique will soothe your soul as it boosts your glow.

To keep the glow going…get 15% OFF a peel now, PLUS a $50 CREDIT on an Oxygen Facial, later!

Sid would love to customize an entire skincare routine – in-office treatments plus at-home products – just for you. As soon as you’re ready, schedule a consultation. Commit to a plan, and we’ll support you every step of the way!

Call our Los Gatos office to schedule an appointment with Sid ASAP.

This offer can only be redeemed in January and February 2023 for treatments in Los Gatos with Sid Gonzales.

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