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Through February 2023: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE on Top Treatments

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If you really want to change your skin, finding the right products and treatments for your skin type and developing a skincare plan is important. (Our knowledgeable providers LOVE to personalize plans for our patients – as soon as you’re ready, schedule a consultation.)

But beyond that, it’s critical to consistently use those products and get those services over the weeks and months of the routine that’s recommended for you. If you don’t commit long-term to improving your skin, any changes you see from half-hearted efforts won’t last very long.

Short-term fixes and sub-clinical-grade topical ingredients can improve the look and feel of the top layer of the epidermis, but they won’t penetrate to affect the dermal layers, where skin is renewed at the cellular level. Some highly effective protocols don’t treat the entire skin surface in one treatment, in order to minimize risks and downtime, so they only reach peak efficacy after a few sessions.

It’s so important to establish and FOLLOW a strategic skincare plan, step by step, day by day, including follow-ups and multiple sessions…and don’t give up before the big payoff!

L&P Aesthetics offers several advanced treatment modalities that we KNOW will produce incredible changes in your skin…and we want to make it easy for you to commit to them. So we are putting some of OUR skin in the game, to prove it to you.

Let us customize a skincare routine for you. Commit to the plan, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Set yourself up for skincare success with 3 or more sessions of MOXI, Broadband Light (BBL), Microneedling, or Morpheus8 with the newest, highly-experienced member of our team, Olivia Palmer, RN. She works out of our beautiful Los Gatos office.

Book a series of 3 or more treatments with Olivia in Los Gatos in January or February, and we’ll cover the cost of the the third treatment, to help you see it through!

Call our Los Gatos office to schedule an appointment with Olivia ASAP.

This “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer can only be redeemed in January and February 2023 for MOXI, Broadband Light (BBL), Microneedling, or Morpheus8 services in Los Gatos with Olivia Palmer. Free treatment is not transferrable, not redeemable for cash or credit on other services, and not eligible for refund. Treatments bought in packages can be performed after February.

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