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Moxi BBLiss Before and After, Case 309

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Young BBL before and after treatment

About This Patient

Female, Age 42

Case Details

Although the same devices may be offered in other medical spas, the way they’re used – and the results achieved – can be VASTLY different! The Moxi BBLiss treatment is unique to L&P Aesthetics. Through extensive research and testing, our doctors and providers found that the synergistic combination of these 2 powerful, customizable skincare modalities in one session delivers results that are better than having 2 separate treatments.

Can you believe the change in Michelle’s skin, after just FIVE DAYS!??

Our experienced Physician Assistant Heidi adjusted the settings and how she administered the treatments specifically for Michelle’s individual needs. With just one appointment and one easily manageable recovery period, she achieved greater skin improvement than she thought was possible…and FAST.

We’re as thrilled with her outcome as she is. Her discoloration has been reduced, her skin texture is significantly smoother, and she has a gorgeous, youthful glow…this is definitely “makeup optional” skin!

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