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Jawline and Chin Implant

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Chin Augmentation before and after treatment

About This Patient

Male, Age 37

Case Details

Check out this chiseled jawline!
As many men do, this patient wanted a stronger jawline and chin. There are two routes for achieving this look, and Drs. L&P customize the plan based on each patient’s individual needs:

For those who want a permanent result, such as this patient, the best way is through implants.
– Drs. L&P worked with this patient to decide exactly how he wanted his jaw to look, and with the results of a specialized CT scan, they created a custom, angle of the jaw implant & chin implant using a 3D printing process.
– Placing implants involves a minor procedure but it does not involve cutting bone and there is no visible scarring.
-Full results can be seen in 6-12 weeks but will last forever.

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