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Neck Rejuvenation with Midline Neck Lift, Case 304

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Midline Neck Lift before and after treatment

About This Patient

Female, Age 26

Case Details

These pictures show the dramatic result of our L&P Midline Neck Lift being performed on the perfect patient! This procedure involved no ear incisions or skin removal.

Because of our expertise in deep neck anatomy, we can offer this procedure to people experiencing any level of aging changes to the neck, from minimal to severe. This lovely woman was the ideal candidate because she was bothered by the fullness of her neck, but she didn’t have sagging skin or jowls in her lower face. (If she had those issues as well, a facelift along with the neck lift would have been a better solution.) We were able to give her a sharper jawline and a much more slender appearance with a neck lift that required just one incision under the chin.

There are multiple layers of skin, muscle, and fat addressed in the L&P Midline Neck Lift. It comprises a combination of techniques including surgical tightening of key layers, removal of superficial and deep fat with direct visualization – meaning we refine as we go to remove the perfect amount – and sometimes gentle liposuction. We add finishing touches that help the skin “shrink wrap” around the newly youthful neckline.

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