Lift Without the Knife – The Sugar Thread Lift!

Sugar Thread Lift-2
Dr. Parikh marks a patient for a sugar thread lift.

Maybe you’ve read about it on goop or heard about people flying to Paris for it. Tomorrow – mark our words – one of the Kardashian ladies will be gramming about it.

The newest procedure to hit aesthetic medicine – the Sugar Thread Lift – is a noninvasive facelift with no downtime that produces amazing results. And it’s currently only available in the San Francisco Bay Area at our office.

When Drs. Lieberman and Parikh heard about this innovative procedure that sounds almost too good to be true, they lept at the chance to offer patients yet another option for wrinkle removal and facial lifting. The Sugar Thread Lift is actually everything it’s hyped up to be, and it even comes with a smaller price tag than a traditional facelift.

So how does it work?

The doctors implant or “thread” PDO (Polydiaxanone) dissolvable threads into the superficial layers of skin. The patient’s own body then produces new bundles of collagen around the threads to lift the desired areas (anywhere on the body but usually around the jawline and neck). About 30 minutes later, patients leave with a little swelling and /or slight bruising, but  return to normal activities almost immediately.  

How long will it last?

The threads dissolve gradually over a 6-8 month period but formation of new collagen occurs for the next 9 – 18 months. We often recommend a follow-up treatment a few weeks later which will extend the rejuvenation. While the Sugar Thread Lift produces immediate, natural results, it does not replace, or last as long, as a facelift surgery.

Is it safe?

Polydioxonone is a complex sugar that naturally breaks down into carbon dioxide and water which are both are naturally excreted by the body with no adverse effects. Cardiologists have been using polydioxonone sutures in surgery for over 40 years.

Why is nobody else performing it?

We’re not sure. But the doctors’ schedule is filling up quickly with patients wanting a lift without going under the knife.

How can I find out more?

Schedule a consultation by calling our office at (650) 327-3232