Are You Using Brilliant Distinctions – Why or Why Not?

If you are NOT using Brilliant Distinctions, please run, don’t walk to sign up here.

If you ARE, then you can stop reading because you already know how incredibly awesome this program is and how much money you are not spending because of it! Go you!

What is Brilliant Distinctions

Brilliant Distinctions® is a completely free way to save a lot of money on injectables. For each dollar you spend on Allergan treatments, you earn reward points that save you money on future BOTOX® Cosmetic, Juvéderm® Ultra Plus, Voluma XC or Latisse®.

Exactly How Much Will I Save

chart listing brilliant distinction point valuesThis chart shows the value of the points, but when you start redeeming them, points add up even faster. Your first and second Botox treatments will earn you 200  points. But then…

Treatments 3, 4 & 5 – 250 Points

Treatments 6, 7& 8 – 300 Points

Treatments 9, 10 & 11 – 350 Points

Treatments 12+ – 400 Points


Also for the entire summer (June – August, 2016) we will match your points with an equivalent discount at the time of treatment, when you book with our nurse injector, Moira Ljungquist.

How To Signup and Start Saving

Step 1: Make an APPOINTMENT by calling our office at (650) 327-3232


Step 2: Create your profile or login to your account. If you have any trouble creating an account you can call Brilliant Distinctions directly at 888-324-2745. You also may want to download the BD app for your phone.

Step 3
: Once logged in, go to “Redeem Points” to get discounts off select ALLERGAN® products and services, including:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic


Step 4: Click on “Go to Create Coupon” or “Redeem Points”. You will see a drop-down menu that will show available coupon amounts based on how many points you have accumulated. Click “Create Coupon” and a printable coupon will be available for you to bring to your appointment or show us on your phone.

Note: Once a coupon is created, it will expire in 60 days.

And then, there’s the Brilliant Distinctions Mall…but we’ll save that for another post. Happy Saving!


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