Meet Andrew
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Andrew real patient at Liebermann& Parikh


Two Hair Transplants

"Even my hairdresser couldn’t figure out why I had more hair. There was no scar, no evidence of the transplant and I didn’t say anything. It's still a mystery to her."

*Individual patient results may vary

Andrew always had thick hair, but when he got cancer in his 30s, the chemotherapy and radiation stunted his hair growth and he never fully regained his hair. His new appearance, with a receding hairline and large bald patch on the top of his head, greatly affected his self-esteem. After doing online research, Andrew chose Drs. Lieberman & Parikh because of their credentials and training, and scheduled two hair transplants at their San Francisco-area practice. It's still too early to see the full results of the second hair transplant, but he is thrilled with the results from the first, as you can see from the before and after photos here.

Before and after real hair transplant patient at Liebermann and Parikh